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Uneven Humanitarianism

Uneven Humanitarianism: Abandoned Refugees along the Thai-Myanmar Border Tani Sebro Abstract This essay considers the case of uneven humanitarian aid distribution along the Thai-Myanmar border, where forcibly displa ...

Resisting Necro-Biographies

Resisting Necro-Biographies Michael J. Shapiro Abstract In order to determine whether an individual or a specific identity-bearing group has potential for terrorism, the state engages in a systematic practice of const ...

Shackled Liberties

Shackled Liberties, or: How Security Came to Trump Everything Else Jan-Peter Hartung Abstract In this paper, the origins of the “security narrative” in contemporary German political discourse is traced back to the ...

Free Will

Book Review Harris, Sam. Free Will. New York: Free Press, 2012. By Shehzad Ali In this concise book Sam Harris explores free will, one of the basic political concepts of the contemporary world. The concept of free will ...


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