RHR invites original essays based in theory and informed of philosophical perspectives. We encourage interdisciplinary approaches for illuminating the topic and discussion. We do NOT invite policy papers and/or papers based in quantitative method as we do not have expertise in these fields.

Types of Submissions:

We accept three types of submissions a) Full length Articles (Max. 10,000 words), b) Focus Articles (Max. 4000 words), c) Book Reviews (Max 1000 words).

RHR practices a double-blind review process. Because submissions are evaluated anonymously, the author’s name should appear only on the title page. Electronic versions of the manuscript should be submitted as Microsoft Word email attachments to ( Articles should ideally not exceed 10,000 words, not including notes, tables, etc. All article submissions should include an abstract no longer than 250 words and a brief author bio. Previously published work or work currently under consideration elsewhere will not be reviewed. We also welcome Focus Articles, which should not exceed 4000 words, and book reviews, which should not exceed 1000 words.

Method of Citation and Reference

RHR follows the guidelines of the Chicago Manual of Style (16th edition). RHR uses end notes as the method of citation. Manuscripts not submitted in accordance to these standards may not be considered for review.

Manuscripts submitted to the journal should be arranged as follows either in one continuous Microsoft Word File separate from the main essay file::
1. Title page, to include the name, affiliation, and contact information, including Email ID and telephone numbers of the author(s).
The name(s) of the author(s) should not appear on the manuscript itself.
2. Brief biography of the author(s) (on its own page, separate from the title and abstract), limited to 2 to 3 lines maximum per author.
3. Abstract of the article with a maximum of 250 words (also on its own page, separate from the title and biography).

Note: In case your paper is accepted but/and it needs basic editing (of grammar, syntax, and proof reading, as often needed for those who are not native English speakers) then such editing service will be provided with some fee. We will hire a professional English editor to help you. RHR wants to ensure that your paper meets the international quality standard.

Ethical Guidelines for the Editor, Author and Reviewers

RHR follows HEC's ethical guidelines. Apart from that RHR has also declared it own ethical and malpractice statement. Both are given below:

RHR Ethical and Malpractice Statement

HEC Approved Ethical Guidelines 


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