CFP 2021


Review of Human Rights

In contemporary “precarious times” human rights are frequently violated, violence is perpetrated, and soft democracies back down in the face of emergency regimes. These conditions produce the need to engage in critical reflection on our contemporary human condition. Our interdisciplinary Journal seeks to reflect on these issues. We seek to reflect on multifarious manifestations of violence and derogations from human rights, whether historical or current. We would like to approach them from political, social, psychological, and cultural domains. We also want to devote considerable attention to how the situation of human rights is represented in art genre: literature, film, theatre or visual arts, and local narratives.

We hope that its interdisciplinary method brings many interesting observations on and intellectual deliberations about the role of human rights in the past and in the present-day world. We invite both experienced scholars and young academics at the start of their careers, as well as doctoral students, to turn in papers.

Our areas of interest include, but not limited to, the following:

I. Societies

  •  Genocides
  •  Slavery
  •  Nationalism
  •  Ethnic cleansings

II. Individuals

  • Domestic violence
  • Mobbing
  • Sexual abuse
  • Symbolic violence
  • Economic discrimination
  • Youth and Violence

III. Defense of Human Rights

  •  Human rights organizations
  •  Humanitarian missions
  •  Resistance movement
  •  The ethos of a freedom fighter
  •  Conspiracies, protests, revolts
  •  Women's rights
  •  Minority rights
  •  Disability rights
  •  Human rights and animal rights
  •  Human rights Derogations

IV. Violence and Subjectivity

  • Politics of trauma
  • Fear, despair and utopia
  • Violence and language

V. Violence in the (Post-)Modern World

  • Cultural conditioning of violence
  • The regime of political correctness
  • Democracy and the dictatorship of the majority
  • Democracy and liberalism
  • Human rights and the free market
  • Violence in the media

VI. Literature and the Arts

  • Art and Literature about human rights violation
  • Art and Literature about violence

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