Slavoj Žižek, Pandemic! COVID-19 Shakes the World




Coronavirus, Zizek, communism, China, Freedom of Speech


One of the major themes of the book is to recognize the seriousness of the situation and its possible outcomes. Žižek informs us that the only possible way to face the challenge is to realize that world leaders should unite and develop a global health care system presided over by the World Health organization. As it is obvious that almost every crisis creates opportunities of some kind Žižek seems to argue that in the current disaster there is potential for communism (though not the one of 20th century type but the one) based on human cooperation. As he says: “it should be a disaster communism as an antidote to the disaster capitalism.”

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Shehzad Ali, University of Peshawar, Pakistan

Shehzad Ali is an MPhil student in Political Science at the University of Peshawar. He is also visiting lecturer at the same department. 

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