Faiqa Mansab`s This House of Clay and Water

The Representations of Transgenders in Heteronormative Pakistani Society





Heteronormativity, Transgender, Victimization, Stigmatization, Queer Theory, Pakistani society.


The aim of this study is to focus on victimization, discrimination, stigmatization and marginalization of transgenders in heteronormative Pakistani society. Transgenders are socially ostracized individuals in Pakistan. This paper is an effort to examine the representation of a transgender protagonist Bhanggi in Faiqa Mansab’s novel This House of Clay and Water (2017). The paper uses the conceptual framework of Judith Butler`s queer theory and argues that Bhanggi is victimatized and stigmatized throughout his life due to his gender. The paper further reflects on real life stories of transgenders and demonstrates how they face different kinds of victimizations in Pakistani society.

Author Biographies

Sundus Nadeem, Government College for Women, Sargodha

Sundus Nadeem is a promising writer / author of English literature, she has done Master of Philosophy in English literature from University of Lahore, Sargodha Campus. Primary focus of Sundus’s endeavours during her studies remained on feminism with allied study on patriarchy in society. She has attended various workshops and studies on women rights in Pakistan. She has written various articles which got published in national and international journals. Moreover she has distinctive interest in transgender studies resulted in various writings and articles on this exclusive subject. A well conversant reader and inspired writer who has special knack for women rights in Pakistani society. Currently Sundus is a lecturer of English literature in Government College for women and inspires to go for doctorate studies in her relevant subject.

Maryam, University of Lahore, Sargodha

Maryam Javed, Mphil is an English Language and Literature teacher, who has served as Teaching Assistant at University of Sargodha during 2013-2015, as English language instructor in English Language Program sponsored by US Embassy (2015-2019). She is a lecturer in English at University of Lahore, Sargodha Campus since 2018. She has attended TESOL 2017 in Washington DC and attended Teacher Exchange Program, Bowling State University 2017. She has various articles in renowned national and international journals.

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Nadeem, S., & Javed, M. . (2020). Faiqa Mansab`s This House of Clay and Water: The Representations of Transgenders in Heteronormative Pakistani Society. Review of Human Rights, 6(1), 57–78. https://doi.org/10.35994/rhr.v6i1.148