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Welcome to the Review of Human Rights

RHR is an academic research initiative of the Society of Social Science Academics, Pakistan. The journal is published annually and started in 2015. It is a double-blind, peer-reviewed journal devoted to research in the field of human rights broadly conceived. It seeks to engage in critical study of existing approaches to human rights, as well as developing new methods on the theory and practice of human rights. The journal strives to meet the growing academic need and interest in the study and practice of human rights in the developing world, especially the war–torn countries. The Journal aims to serve as an arena for the public discussion and scholarly analysis of human rights.

Moreover, the Journal is committed to theoretical and ideological diversity in the study of human rights. Accordingly, the editor welcomes papers not only from scholars and disciplines traditionally associated with the study of human rights, but also from those in other disciplines in social science and humanities. The editor also welcomes ideas for special issues and symposia.

Note: Articles are regularly published online as soon as they are ready. Authors don't have to wait for the issue to be published as a whole and in hard copy.

RHR is a "Y" category journal recognized by the HEC (Pakistan). [Letter No. R&D(SS&H)/HEC/764 March 31, 2020). Accordingly all the articles published since March 2017 are recognized by the HEC.



-  Genocides -  Slavery -  Nationalism -  Ethnic cleansings


- Domestic violence-  Mobbing - Sexual abuse - Symbolic violence - Economic discrimination - Youth and Violence - harrasment 


-State and statecraft - government, public administration, and governance - Law and Law enforcement agecies and the Police - Courts, adjudication, laws, rights- Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and their role - Media and representations of societal issues and rights 

Defense of Human Rights

-  Human rights organizations -  Humanitarian missions -  Resistance movement -  The ethos of a freedom fighter -  Conspiracies, protests, revolts -  Women's rights -  Minority rights -  Disability rights -  Human rights and animal rights - Human rights Derogations - Labor rights

Violence and Subjectivity

- Politics of trauma - Fear, despair and utopia - Violence and language  - domestic violence

Violence in the (Post-)Modern World

-  Cultural conditioning of violence -  The regime of political correctness -  Democracy and the dictatorship of the majority -  Democracy and liberalism -  Human rights and the free market -  Violence in the media

Humanities, Literature and the Arts

-  Art and Literature focussing on local issues

- Linguistic approaches to rights, violence, domestic issues


Current Issue

Vol. 7 No. 1 (2021): Review of Human Rights

The process of publication of the 7th Volume is underway. We will be accepting articles, focus essays, and book reviews throughout the year. Submissions that get through peer review are published online without delay. We are inviting scholarly articles, focus essays, and book reviews in a variety of fields and subfields (social sciences, management science, and humanities) intersecting with the theme of human rights. Please see our CFP in the Announcement Section for more details.

Published: 2021-07-03
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