Publication Policy

Review of Human Rights (RHR)

(Y Category journal)

On March 5, 2021 the RHR has adopted a new policy regarding article processing and publication charges after a series of meetings held in February and March 2021. This policy was carefully designed after extensive discussions, especially on the growing culture of open access research publications.

Article Processing and Publication Charges

Acceptance of an article is based on editorial considerations and recommendations made in a double-blind peer reviews. Like other Open Access Journals in Pakistan and around the world, the RHR charges an Article Processing Charge (APC) under the following Track System Categories (TSC).

Track-I: Manuscripts that maintain high quality and meet the standard of the journal upon recommendation of the editorial board with or without minor corrections will be directly sent for a double-blind peer review. The Article processing and publication fee will be as follows:

  1. Single-Author Article

Rs. 10,000/-

  1. Multiple-Author Article
  2. Principal Author (Rs. 7,000)
  3. First Co-Author (Rs. 10,000)
  4. Second-Third Co-Authors      (Rs. 15,000)

Track-II: If the editorial board recommends major quality improvements, then the author can choose to avail our service of article supervision by a specialized field expert and an English language editor. The following aspects of an article can be improved upon: theoretical framework revision/addition, subject matter revision, organizational restructuring, literature addition, methodology correction, English language expression improvement and proof reading.

  1. Supervision for quality improvement (Rs. 20,000/-).
  2. Track-I charges as mentioned above for publication will also apply.


For further guidance and any queries contact our Managing Editor:

Shehzad Ali


Phone: 03423252896