Open Access Charges

Review of Human Rights (RHR)

(ISSN: 2520-7032 (Online), ISSN 2520-7024 (Print))



On April 25, 2024, the RHR changed its Article Processing and Publication Charges policy after a series of meetings held in February and March 2024. After extensive discussions, the policy was carefully designed, considering the growing culture of open-access research publications and the need for sustainable funds.

Need for Article Processing and Publication Charges

While the editors and staff of the journal (mostly faculty and students) work voluntarily and do not take any salaries, certain costs require funds. These include annual registration fees for the society, office rent, office utilities, stationery supplies, maintenance of a website, and more. We, however, believe in charging as little as possible.

Sources of Revenue

Apart from the author fees, RHR seeks funds from the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan annually. However, the HEC's funding is limited, and there is intense competition among journals. RHR also seeks donations from its members and public and private donors who support the cause of human rights. 

Article Processing and Publication Charges

Acceptance of an article is based on editorial considerations and recommendations made in double-blind peer reviews. Like other Open Access Journals worldwide, the RHR charges an Article Processing Charge (APC) under the following Track System Category (TSC).

Track-I: Manuscripts that maintain high quality and meet the journal’s standard upon recommendation of the editorial board, with or without minor corrections, will be directly sent for a double-blind peer review. The article processing and publication fee will be as follows:

  1. Single-Author Article:

                USD 75

  1. Multiple-Author Article:

                USD 50 per author


Fee/Charges Waiver

The journal has limited funds available to waive fully or partially the article processing charges and publication fees. Authors who request a waiver should write to the editor in their cover letter for the article explaining the need to waive the fee.

For further guidance and any queries, contact the Editor: