Publication Policy

(Review Process, Fee, Honorarium & Prize)

Note: This policy is for Pakistani authors. International authors should directly contact the editor ( for negotiating terms and honorarium.

Stage 1: Editorial Review

The editor places every article, focus essay, and book review before one or more members of the editorial board for editorial or desk review. This stage involves looking at the scope, theoretical content, and potential empirical contribution of the essay to the body of existing literature. The editorial review is completed in one week.

Note: Articles with more than two authors are not processed.

Stage 2: Double-blind Peer Review

Upon the recommendation of the editorial review the essay is sent for two double-blind peer reviews—first to a National reviewer and then to International one (double-blind peer review means that neither the author nor the reviewer know each other). This process can take 6 to 8 weeks.

    Fee: There is fee for double-blind peer review of Rs. 5000. This is the only fee and there are no more fees/charges. The reason to have this fee is to limit the number of manuscripts submitted to us. It's expected that authors will send their best work for peer review. FYI so far our acceptance rate for manuscripts is going at 15%.

Stage 3: Decision of Peer Review

Based on the recommendations of the reviewers the decision is communicated to the author. The following are the types of decisions:

  1. Accept (as it is).
  2. Revision (Changes to be made but not to go through review process again)
  3. Resubmit (Major changes to be made and therefore the essay will be sent back to the reviewers)
  4. Decline (turned down and closed)

Please note that if the recommendation is to “Revision” or “Resubmit” then the author will be required to make the changes in the time period given by the editor. In the case of “Revision” the time period is One Month. If the revisions are substantial then the author will return it after one month and if minor changes then within one month--the editor will inform the author about the nature of changes. In the case of “Resubmit” the time period is different: the article cannot be resubmitted for two months in which time the author is expected to rework thoroughly.

Stage 4: Editor’s Satisfaction to Changes

The editor will work with the author to improve the essay. He/she will constantly engage with the author on the state of changes and improvements. He/she could express his/her satisfaction or dissatisfaction to the changes made and could recommend further changes.

In the case of Revision he/she could accept the article after expressing satisfaction to changes, and in the case of Resubmission send the article back to the reviewers (to the same reviewers and free of cost).

Decision of the editor will be final.

Stage 5: Copy Editing & Production

The editor will get the article copy edited and proof read from the Copy Editor. There is no fee for this service. The latter will also prepare the proper format for production. Once that is done the proofs of the essay will be sent to the author for a final look. After which it will be published: first online published and then toward the end of year in hard print.

Honorarium: In case the paper is accepted an honorarium of Rs. 15000 will be paid to the author(s).

Prize: Lastly, if your published article gets more than 20 citations in Web of Sciences journals (shown in Crossref) in the next two years then an a prize of Rs. 5000 and a Certificate of Excellence will be awarded.

(First Revised July 9, 2020)