Eventocracy in a time of pandemic





Capitalism, events, media, politics, coronavirus


The coronavirus pandemic has exposed a disruptive, new event-oriented politics in places like the United States and India. This essay looks at the emergent relationship between large-scale events, political subjectivity, and communities of sense and sense-making in the chaotic times of late-capitalism. It also asks if global crisis events like a pandemic can present opportunities to re-imagine new worlds in light of present-day challenges.

Author Biography

Rohan Kalyan, International Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia, USA

Rohan Kalyan received a PhD in Political Science in 2012 from the University of Hawaii in Manoa. He currently is Assistant Professor of International Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University. Rohan is a filmmaker and writer. His work focuses on the nexus of new media, politics and cultures of globalization.

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Kalyan, R. (2020). Eventocracy in a time of pandemic. Review of Human Rights, 6(1), xi-xxiv. https://doi.org/10.35994/rhr.v6i1.106