In the Shadows of Disinformation

Fake News and Violations of Human Rights




Disinformation, Fake news, Human rights, Information warfare, Countermeasures


This study examines the interconnected phenomenon of disinformation and fake news and their relationship to the struggle for human rights. Through an interdisciplinary perspective, we explore the crucial role of the deliberate dissemination of false information in threatening and violating human rights globally. The focus is on how disinformation has become a subtle form of conflict, often circumventing traditional perceptions of war and confrontation.  Our study reflects on developing effective strategies and mechanisms to counter disinformation. It suggests multidimensional approaches combining legislative, educational, and technological efforts to comprehensively address this emerging challenge.


Author Biography

Daniele Battista, University of Salerno

Daniele Battista holds a PhD in Social Theory, Digital Innovation, and Public Policies from the Department of Political and Social Studies (DISPS) at the University of Salerno. He works as a Research Fellow at the Department of Business Sciences - Management & Innovation Systems (DISA-MIS) at the University of Salerno. His main research interests revolve around media theory, specifically focusing on the relationship between social networks and political communication.

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Battista, D. (2024). In the Shadows of Disinformation : Fake News and Violations of Human Rights. Review of Human Rights, 9(1), 143–164.